When you join the Downtown Mob, you will receive a secret password that unlocks free access to mobster activity: A special members-only punch card that you will need to cash-in your rewards, access to secret monthly members-only deals on Sidebar food and drinks, PLUS weekly updates on the best events going on in Downtown Atlanta.

How Do Mobster Deals Work?

  1. You join the mob at SidebarATL.com/Mobster
  2. We send you an email with your secret password (remember to check your SPAM folder if you don’t here back from us within a couple hours hours).
  3. Next time you come to the Sidebar, tell your server the secret password and your email address.
  4. A Manager will sign off on your very own Downtown Mob Card.
  5. After that, you will get a new password every month. You must have BOTH your Password AND your card to get your monthly deal. This is an exclusive club and your server is not allowed to make any exceptions!
  6. Your server will scratch the corresponding month off of your card and you get your deal!

Notes From The Mob:

  1. Try not to lose your card! New cards can only be requested online.
  2. Make sure your Downtown Mob email updates are “whitelisted” with your email provider so they make it to your inbox.
  3. You will receive monthly exclusive specials on food & drinks plus weekly event updates covering the best things to do in Downtown Atlanta.